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Thread: Trouble Dealing with a Pharmacist

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    Default Trouble Dealing with a Pharmacist

    I asked my regular pharmacist at my chain pharmacy if she is able to get a certain medication (Dilaudid 4 mg. ampules). She said "I'll have to look" and I assumed that she was then going to go look it up on the computer. Well, she did not do anything.

    I went to pick up my main medications on Friday and once AGAIN asked the pharmacist if she was able to get the Dilaudid ampules, since she hasn't been able to get morphine ampules due to the morphine shortage. Once AGAIN, she said, "I'll have to look". There literally was NO ONE ELSE at the pharmacy window, so I assumed that she was going to go to her computer and LOOK IT UP. Once again, she ended up doing nothing.

    I guess I wasn't in the mood to DEMAND, "Okay, can you please LOOK?". I was also trying to be nice, because I did file a complaint a month ago when I went 3.5 weeks without my morphine injectable and was never given a reason WHY they couldn't get my meds.

    I really don't understand this pharmacist's attitude. It seems like extreme laziness to not even bother to look up something on the computer for a LONG-TIME customer. Plus, I went at a time when they were NOT AT ALL busy. NO ONE else was at the pharmacy window.

    I don't think the pharmacist is mad at me for filing the complaint. A month ago, I called the chain's headquarters just to ask what was going on; I did NOT file a complaint with the Board of Pharmacy. The pharmacist even went out of her way to say "hello" to me, so hopefully there are no hard feelings.

    I've been to other pharmacies and have seen that it only takes a minute or less to look up a medication. I don't know if this pharmacist is just being really lazy or what the deal is. I think she said that she might have to call up her supplier, so maybe it's a bit more complicated at the chain stores. Still, I can't believe that I've asked about the Dilaudid 4 mg. ampules TWICE and still she hasn't done anything to even see if she can get them.

    I went out of my way to go to another pharmacy to get the Dilaudid. It's a hassle to have to go to more than one pharmacy. But given my pharmacist's attitude and their past inability to get injectable meds, I really don't trust them too much to be able to get the Dilaudid ampules. I don't want to ever again be kept waiting for WEEKS while they TRY to get my meds.

    I just wanted to post this, because it has been a frustrating experience. If anyone has had an experience like this with a pharmacist, I'd love to know how you handled it. Thanks for any advice.


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    I am glad you finally got relief having gone thru something quite simaler, I can relat.
    Feel better

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