I was dx'd with fibromyalgia in December 2011 though I was developing tenderpoints for at least a year before that. What led me to the doctor was that a developed a HUGE amount of pain in my arms and hands, bad enough that I had to take percocet to function. Is that a normal symptom? It is currently happening again but mostly in my hands this time. It feels like what I would imagine arthritis feels like but I was just at the rheumatologist and he doesn't think I is arthritis but is the fibro. Do you have any suggestion about how to reduce the pain. None of the OTC anti-inflammatories work so I really left with percocet. I have found that when my tenderpoints (I have all 18 plus a few more) are screaming I have been using a capsaicin rub and that helps but I am afraid to use in on my hands because it is quite painful if you get it around the eyes ( I have).