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Thread: CBS News Video re: Global Liquid Morphine Shortage

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    Unhappy CBS News Video re: Global Liquid Morphine Shortage

    I thought I'd post this here. These images of people suffering in terrible pain due to AIDS, cancer, etc. break my heart. I've long wanted to go to Africa to try to help, if only I wasn't so ill myself.

    It turns out the reason for the global morphine shortage is the AWFUL "Drug War"! I never would have guessed that, but now I know.

    Countries have been DESTROYING their opium poppy crops left and right, due to U.S. pressure. But it turns out that we NEED opium poppies to make morphine! It's not just for making heroin.

    I'll try to post the CBS News Video. I'm not that great at posting links, so hopefully this will work.


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    Eva, reporting by the networks has gotten so undependable that I now check a number of sources for info given in the network stories. Just as I suspected the morphine used for prescription medication isn't in short supply because of the war on drugs, the rightness of the war is another issue, because the opium comes from legal farms where it is grown. The illegal farms that have crops destroyed produce heroin and doesn't impact the making of morphine. I found several sources on this but here is one that talks about the source of opium for the production of morphine:

    It is a shame our news organizations have gotten so bad about getting the facts out but I wouldn't trust anything they say without verification from other sources especially in this election year.
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