Thank you very much for your reply.

I'm kind of going out of my mind here with the Drs not knowing what this pain is. Thank you for the abstracts too.

We are going to try some alternative medicine approaches to see if we can make some progress.

Yesterday one Dr told me that I will just have to 'learn to live with the pain.' !!!!

Many thanks again for your reply.

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Hello Jeff!

Welcome to BrainTalk!

I'm sorry you're experiencing such painful problems.

The thread you are writing in is a bit old. The last poster posted in February of this year. The dates of the posts are in the upper left corner of the posts. Sometimes it's better to start a new thread.

I found the abstract for you on the shoulder tip pain and another similar abstract. Here are the links (just click on them with your cursor):

An article you might find helpful:

I hope this helps and your pain can be relieved.