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Thread: Cronic gut pain

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    Default Cronic gut pain

    Hello I haven't posted here before but I do post in the Child neurology forum. My daughter is 15 has Down syndrome,celiac disease, crohn's, moyamoya(which caused several strokes), and as of just recently a motility disorder and cronic gut pain(nerve pain). She started taking an antihistimine for the pain called Periactin. I haven't been able to find information as to wether it (like other antihistimines) can cause vascular constriction. This is something that can be dangeruose for a moyamoya patient since blood flow to the brain can be easily comprimised. Usualy patients stay away from antihistimines. If anyone has any expertise on this that they can share I'd appreciate it.
    Mary G.

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    I re-read the literature on this drug and it doesn't mention anything specific as vascular constriction... so I looked for a hypertention as a side effect.. but .. it lists both HYPOtention AND HYPERtention as possible side effects. This is a very old drug... and about the only thing that it is used for any more is for the side effect of increase appetite in those people - especially elderly - who are not eating properly, losing weight or need to gain weight.. I would think that monitoring BP in your kid would give you a indication of what is going on in regards to vascular constriction
    Pharmacist Steve

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