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Thread: I feel like a widow

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    Default I feel like a widow

    My husband is alive but I hardly see him. He,s kinda been gone since April 2. (the day I came home from the hosp. He stayed home for a week or so then left). He works for Pilkington Glass (used to be LOF). They make flat glass for windows & solar panels. If you live near Toledo, you know this is the Glass Capitol. They have other plants too, that he goes to. One time, when the kids were little we moved to an appatment in Ca. for the summer. He comes home for longer sometimes, but has to run around. I get bored/lonely cuz I don't drive & can't get away. I've done puzzles & sewing, house work & went out a few times with Lisa. I can't wait till the end of Aug. or mid Sept.
    talk to ya later, Lorraine
    Lorraine (lor)

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    Lor,you're trying to stay busy & that is good. gotta keep in mind this won't last forever. might make a list of things to do when he does get home? ready for some funtime with hubby! meanwhile he's out there earning a living & hopefully one of these days he can get transferred back to home territory. (((hugs))) Pati

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    Lor i'm sorry you are so lonely. Pati is right, not much longer and the more busy you stay the faster the time seems to go.

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    Can you guys make video calls are anything just something to make you feel less isolated?

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