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    Unhappy Ever have a bad day and people don't get it?...

    I have mild spastic Cerebral Palsy and can walk pretty well with crutches outdoors, as well as independently indoors. Part of my house has stairs. Due to my proprioception issues my body tenses when I am on steps. The other day I tensed up a lot worse than normal and one of my relatives saw it and she started going on this rant about why I am spending money on this therapy I use when my body still gets that badly tight. Since I know my body I know the incredible amount of tension is due to my being on my monthly cycle(I have it bad this month and it messes up my lower body). I usually do fine on steps otherwise. In other words it was just a bad day. I had to remind her that no matter what kind of physical therapy I use the brain damage will never go away but I am seeing improvement that I am happy with so I will not stop the therapy. Ever have a moment where you want to say "Physical therapy does NOT cure CP. It can only make day-to-day activities better!" ?? Sometimes I think family members want us to be cured so they forget the reality that brain damage is brain damage and there is no way to fix of yet. Though I am always open to new therapy and devices that could help me. Also anybody notice that with CP one day your loose and the next day your tight as hell and you have no idea why you are tighter on that particular day? CP is so unpredictable.
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