Hi girls, Have missed you so very much. Can not write much as SO has his girlfriend going thru all my posts on BT, copying them, reading them back to him.....

He still swears he's seeing noone, talking to no one on phone, any phone type. At night in bed he sorta isn't talking, she does all talking, he just grunts - technicallity. Then he leaves her hanging by feigning sleep as she keeps calling out his name to wake him up....she has no idea what he's up to on this end. He's taping all her calls which is probably why he's not saying much. He gets her to do stuff, like reading my private things here on BT, yet I hear her complain he never calls her, they rarely get together etc. He's just using her to get what he wants and tells her he loves her.

This note, if you're still reading my posts, Sara, is for you to digest what's he's up to. He's filling you w/promises that'll never happen. You think I can't hear parts of your conversations? I can......I've heard him demean you on phone, then turn on charm to 'win' you back. He may need you to do some of his dirty work, but hon, Sara I've lived w/him for 30 some years, YOU don't need him. He's abusive, verbally; you've never seen him when he's really angry. I have. He's pushed guys up against walls!

Sorry ladies trying to get a message to her as she's a nice woman, being taken in by jekyll/hyde w/ mensa IQ. He'll outsmart you every time, hon. Please get out while you can!!

Again sorry ladies.......you see what I'm putting up with for last 7 months along with crap in my body. But I'm a survivor. Mr Park (Parkinson's) does a number on me quite often lately, we go dancing:) but I like to try/take lead<G>

I pray you/families are all well; will come back another day to play catch-up.......prayers, thoughts w/you all every day. Love to you all, kat