I recently had a horrible experience I thought was a one-time simple act of negligence. Being recently qualified to receive Medicare benefits, I took the opportunity to procure a Medicare supplement plan from an insurance company which, due to pending litigation, I am hesitant to name. The popular insurance concern, which is not United Health Care or Humana, is a consortium of private companies which share a similar name and logo. Though sharing the same name, each division apparently appears to be operated by separate leadership and cannot be considered a single organization based on the the diversity of intelligent compassionate employees working for one part of the company, and the barely literate Luddites and Boeotians which helm the majority of the organization who cannot remember who runs the company nor who is in charge of the legal department; I did not wish to embarrass them further by asking if the knew their children's names, as the conversations were all recorded by me with their permission. Children are wonderful, innocent and beautiful. I feel that it would be evil and hurtful if children felt their parents did not love them unconditionally. It breaks my heart to see a child's hopes and dreams shattered by incompetent and unhealthy parents. I will always have a place in my heart for not only my kids, but all children. They grow up so quickly. Maybe that's why we all need to work diligently to protect them from those who would harm them. Sorry for the sidetrack.

Having experienced the utmost respect and compassion from one division, mistakenly led me to believe the entire group of privately owned insurance companies with the same name were staffed with equally qualified individuals who had some awareness of the laws and regulations nearly all medical professionals have had pounded into their brains.Not so, I apparently was fortunate enough to have dealt with the literate portion of the company initially. Other divisions repeatedly and without concern displayed a total lack of compassion and could barely pronounce my difficult first name Alan. One representative my family and attorney got a good laugh out of was the customer disservice representative who tried three times to pronounce my name. I would love to share the recordings, but I have been advised by my attorney to save it for the settlement.

I am sad to say that the companies, though considered as one organization, are as different as one could imagine. It is enough to endure pain that few can comprehend, and a company who does not have the courage to apologize when they blatantly violate HIPAA and ADA regulations by divulging my personal information to an unknown party, left me feeling violated, physically vulnerable and filled with mistrust. I imagine the company will be cross that I will document every single mistake they make that affects a trusting client due to their practice of hiring incompetent staff (it is less expensive). I would imagine that they would feel blue that they make promises that they know are being recorded by me with their permission, then refuses to honor said promises and refuse to listen to recordings of their own lies! Ah, denial. This company has no right to act on behalf of patients that have conditions that they would prefer strangers to be unaware of, especially if the conditions involve schedule II controlled medications. The company thought it humorous that my medical information was sent via email to an unknown individual. The fact that some stranger knows my medical history and medication due to pure negligence, potentially puts my life in danger. When confronted with this information, the reply was,"Well, they only have an email address!" How many times have you remembered your email address, but have forgotten your password? What do you do? Simple, provide your email address and indicate that you have " forgotten" your password. The response? The company sends you a temporary password at the same email address, opening up all kinds of opportunities to learn everything you wish to keep private.

No big deal? I was the corporate director of 25 websites, 22 of which were hospital sites. I have been "volunteered" to attend numerous legal seminars, explaining the consequences of divulging patient information to parties who have no legal right to have the ability to so much as have a patient's name divulged via my Web sites. The penalties seemed quite severe to me; but then again I didn't have a seven-figure income I could readily spare. The company I worked for had over 8-billion in liquid assets and I am sure if I even accidentally divulged private information, I would have been canned and this was an exceedingly compassionate hospital system I worked for.

Couple that with the horrible customer service, blatant lies, and a rookie incompetent pharmacist, Ed, who insisted that I not listen to his peers because they "don't know anything," (recorded with his permission) and you turn a former client into an individual who will stop at nothing to make sure that this company never can hang their shingle in the State of Florida without suffering dire consequences. You may think it is all talk, but as a man living on no wages, I have litigated against bigger companies than this one and have come out as the victor, setting up trust funds for my children's education and attending to my medical needs. My "dream team" of attorneys will stop at nothing to rid the stae of miscreants and lying con artists, no matter how important they think they are. Why, it puts gas in the boat and pays the mortgages! I just wish I could brag about the cretans who I have damaged financially based on their avarice, greed and narcissism. The time is ripe to put these type of company's on the hot plate. Attorneys, mediators and Courts of Law seem to enjoy punishing greedy and negligent companies and do so with amazing success in my state. I have never walked away without victory even when the odds were supposedly against me. Defendants have a damn hard time arguing against the blatant and overwhelmingly damaging facts and are eager to settle to prevent their soured reputations from being further ruined; or like Bernie Madoff, spend their free time getting to know their cell mates and helping the kitchen crew at Butner.

If you think you know the company of which I speak, I'll probably find out when they send your personal and private medical information to me, (accidentally, of course ;). If that were to happen, I promise I would never deprive you of your medications, but I can't promise others won't, and I cannot guarantee they will be courteous and leave you in good health. Of course it will never happen to you, just like you thought the pain and suffering you endure would never happen to you. Thing Vegas, choose this insurance company; roll the dice. If you choose to do so, I wish you luck. Just remember, like Vegas, the house always wins! Please take the time to carefully research which insurance plan will help you with what Medicare does not cover. Talk to friends. Salespeople need to feed their families; they are not bad people, they just aren't going to layout the whole picture. They honestly may not be aware of the deceit and violations commited by the company they represent. Friends, family members , contacts you have made in this excellent group do your research, it's your health and safety thats at stake. Each one of you deserves the best treatment you can find. Make it a priority and I promise to donate 10% of the settlement proceeds I will get to this group; and unlike the insurance company that will ban the mention of my name in their offices, I will keep my word!

This was a long and arduous thread to write. I assure you there will be spelling errors, improper use of grammar, irregular punctuation marks and poorly structured sentences. Enjoy them, share them with friends. I am already aware that these errors exist, so you don't need to point them out to me unless you are compelled to do so. I will laugh along with you.