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Thread: rerturn of problems that really never leaves

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    Default rerturn of problems that really never leaves

    since i have not been eating or drinking properly with an ulcer and a large patch of skin off both my feet but especially right one, i have been having a hard time of things. i almost black out from pain etc and have been having what I alway fear ther most, a return of my trigeminal neuralgia. i have also been having my knocking sounds in ears from my menieres disease and even weird sensations in other plces on head. dreading it all and just complaining. i may not be back any way soon as it is bad for foot. i just wanted yto say i hope everyone that has any crainial nerves damaged improvews and it goes for them.

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    Sorry to hear of your problems - that foot sounds bad.
    just thought I would say Hi
    good luck!!

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