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Thread: Protandim ?

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    :) Hi everyone. I do the opposite of Cherrie. I do all I can to BOOST my immune system and it has worked well for me for 14 years. I take LDN and all the antioxidants in addition to several vitamins. I won't be adding this but I am doing silver water and diatomateous earth now. Jeanie :)

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    I'm with Jeanie. I am not a believer in the "Do not boost the IS if you have MS".
    LDN is an IS modulator, though, not a booster, but any med that makes you feel
    better, cannot be bad for you.
    Love, Sally

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    I took all the Protandim and did not reorder simply because my husband became ill about that time and my whole focus for the next year was on trying to take care of his needs. I'm sure I did not take it long enough to have any benefit. I have recently decided to go to an Integrative doctor that I went to a few years back and I'm trying to get an appointment and will ask him about Protandim. He uses supplements as well as herbs and conventional medicines but he knows all about mixing them so I will let him advise.

    It is really so late (35+) for anything in the DMD's to work for me. I tried Avonex for 9 months and was sick in bed for 3 days out of the week so I stopped it. I can't take steroids because of diabetes and both times I took IVIG I had a bad reaction (passed out) so there is not anything left that my doctor wants to try. I like to keep an open mind on alternative and complementary medicine and not rule out something just because it is not sold in the drug store. GNC does not sell it simply because there was not enough profit in it for them to stock it. I spoke with the owner of my local store who said it sold really well while they did carry it but headquarters decided it was not profitable enough for them.

    I think everyone should consult with their doctors as everyone is different and has different health problems. I would not be afraid to take it again as the product has been endorsed by experts in the medical field. If you need more recent information I would google the product which I have done. Wikipedia has a lot of reference information if you need to research. You can buy it on but it is sold exclusively by a multi-level marketing company just as Herbalife, Amway, and Avon products are sold. The price is the same either way.

    Thanks for bringing this topic back up as I had totally forgot about it. More problems I can blame on MS! I will be asking the Integrative doctor about it. I would recommend if you wanted to try herbals that you do as Marc S. did and take them individually for a week and then add one herb at a time and you will know if you do not react well to something or if something makes you feel better. Taking herbs or supplements of any kind one at a time for a week would eliminate the problem that Cherie spoke of. I don't know if the immune system theory of overactivity has been proven or not. I think we might have different causes for our MS and not just one problem with our immune system.

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