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Thread: First Time Here -- Hello

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    Default First Time Here -- Hello

    Hello, I've never been here but I have been coming to BT for years. I have epilepsy. I recently found I have another thing & that brought me here. I sounds similar, but is it? I found out I have polyneuropoly. Would coming here be of any help? (Someone just titled a post "Dilantin". I take dilantin for my epilepsy. My polyneuopoly first appeared in Jan. My lower legs have been waking me most every to every night. At about 3:00am I wake with sceaming pain. My chiropractor had me get a CT scan & that showed the neuropathy.
    Lorraine (lor)

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    In some of your back posts, it is mentioned that you successfully used a pillow under your legs while lying in bed. Does it still help? As for the origin of the neuropathy, could it have been caused by the epilepsy, or otherwise from the trauma of the fall you had.

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    It does not sound like MMN. I have heard little of pain even though there is some. What you describe NEVER heard it in the MMN posts and I have been doing this for almost 6 years. MMN is not a sensory issue. What will wake us up is Restless Leg Syndrom and spasms but not the pain you describe. You did not say cramps. If it is cramps than I would suggest tonic water. It keeps my cramps away. Best Wishes, Peg

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