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Thread: I am so scared

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    well it's a shame Chris & Joy don't live close enough to share their misery.

    Chris,you know we don't mind reading about all the bad stuff. at least we get to "hear" from you & you are so missed! same with you Joy! share your pain. it might help.

    makes me appreciate that I can walk I tell ya!

    not even gonna gripe about the lousy weather here. there's still hope for August afterall,July is a bust unless all the weather people are wrong,which is doubtful.

    have to keep thinking this will all be over & better days ahead!

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    Joy and Chris, you both can come here and complain all you need too. I read your posts and feel your pain. So hopefully I could take away some of it.

    You both take care and before you know it your feet will be healed enough for you to walk around.
    Take care,

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