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Thread: These are my four Fur babies!!

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    Default These are my four Fur babies!!

    Hey all,I still live with my parents and they are 5 other chihuahuas that live with us but these four animals I call mine.I hope you all love them as much as i do.They help me so much.They will just snuggle with me.And I love it and it helps me.
    D.O.G. is German sheperd mix she is 11yrs old.

    This is Radar with D.O.G.

    This is Nutz that my brother found him on the road three years ago Lab mix

    This is him at 1 year old.He looks the same just a little bigger.

    And this is Radar 8yrs old chihuahua

    Being silly lol

    And this is Callie my kitty she is 16yrs old she is getting to the point where we aint sure she has much time left she is losing weight.
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    Kee, Fibro for 10yrs ,IBS for 15yrs ,Anxetiy for about 2yrs.I am 20yrs old.
    God is Good! I love ALL animals
    Mom to D.O.G.(german sheperd mix 11yrs old),Radar(Chihuahua 8yrs old) Nutz(lab mix 3yrs old) and Callie(calico kitty 16yrs old) I am also Sissy to 5 more chihuahuas.

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    aw you sure have some awesome pets. I can see you are an animal lover. I am one myself as is my grandchild who is 12. Oh how she loves everything. Recently a snake got into her baby chicks and killed them. It happened at her other grandmothers house. Grandmother got the snake with the help of their beautiful white german shepard dog. She also has cats, and horses and loves turtles etc, fish you name it, she loves it and if needing a home, she is always dragging something to her house and to both grandparents. Which is okay as we all are just like her when it comes to animals.

    Good to have you with us. I hope to hear from you again.
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    The reason DOG is spelled opposite of GOD is because they are a reflection of God's love
    I'm just where God wants me to be, not one step ahead nor one step behind........

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    Good one Jan :)
    Lorraine (lor)

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    What a wonderful family of critters. Does the cat rule?

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