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Thread: Just checking in...

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    I agree too many formums end up going to facebook. I'm not in facebook so I hate to see this one go too. how about starting an "update" thread so we can all see how everyones doing.You can brag about any great new things going on or vent about anything stressful going on or just say hello and everything going smoothly...
    Mary grace

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    I haven't posted on the forum for a long time but do read all of the posts.
    Kym is now 18 half years old and it sometimes it seems like yesterday that she was born. We have travelled many journeys with her and tried numerous medications. She is a real delight in our family and we are truly Blessed to have her as our daughter and sister.
    I started going on the forum about 14 years ago and the first person to respond with the same diagnosis was Tamie.
    What a joy that was knowing that Kym was not the only one with this diagnosis. Tamie has been a blessing to us with all of her information and knowledge. You have been a true friend.
    Kym is doing well at the moment.
    This is her last year of school and next year she will get "Post school options" There are many organisations that take children out for the day and occupy them with activities and community interaction.
    The government does take care of our disabled children which is great.
    They provide funding to pay for these services.

    I hope all is well with each and every one of you.
    Mum to Kym and Noelene, Renae, Wayne, Geoff, Leonie and Foster mum to a 3 year old girl.

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