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Thread: Is the Endo Brand Still in short suppy?

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    Default Is the Endo Brand Still in short suppy?

    My S/O is very sensitive to the fillers and Endo is the only brand that does not give her trouble. She has been switched to differant brands and each switch seems to cause more problems. I know endo was having problems, but My understanding is that was a while ago. Neither she nor I can tolerate M*********T, that brand sucks wind as far as I am concerned - my doc. has DO NOT FILL with this brand. Who has more say in the matter, the pharmacy or the doc. One thing if they cannot get it, Quite another if they are just too Lazy, and give you a bunch of crap about ordering it.

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    I'd just call around to different pharmacies for this fill. When I've had to call about a rx stock, I have had better luck not sounding like a druggie by saying something like, "I have a prescription for Xmg X and have been having trouble finding a pharmacy which has it in stock. Are you able to help me?". In your case you'd say the specific brand you are looking for.

    In the future a caring pharmacy should be able to order it monthly even if they don't regularly stock it. A Mom & Pop place will be more likely to do that than a chain store. A compounding pharmacy might even be a good idea. The doctor can write the prescription for something not available so its allowed to be compounded (if its exactly something that is available they can't). For example, adding the slightest bit to the dose or subtracting some Acetaminophen. That way you can choose the fillers and not even have to worry about someone having it in stock.

    A lot of the overworked techs at chain pharmacies won't understand why a certain brand can be medically necessary, so it could be helpful to say that she can't tolerate the other ones and to ask to speak to the pharmacist in charge. Even if they say they will order it monthly, I like to call a week prior to verify (as that still gives them time to order).

    I was able to get a chain pharmacy to order for me monthly but it was an expensive brand name med (Opana) which may have had them more likely to do it, and I asked a few other pharmacies first and they weren't willing to work with me (didn't want to order something and chance I didn't get the prescription that month...although for a cheaper generic that probably isn't as much of an issue).

    Sorry but I have no idea if the Endo brand of Endocet (Percocet) is in short supply. I can say that pharmacies usually order whatever brand is cheapest. Fentanyl patches are one of the few meds I've found that they commonly have more than one brand in stock (when my pharmacy told me they had all of the brands I was surprised, although I don't know if they had all doses in all brands). Best wishes.
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    Hi Alex....I'm with Kate...if you give your pharmacy enough notice, they may be able to get the exact generic you need. I just went through that recently and they said if I just give them 2-3 days notice they can get it. And, like Kate said, it is the Mom/Pop shops that are more likely to do it. Hope you can get this accomplished without too much hassle. Take care, Diandra

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