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Thread: What Wakes You?

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    Default What Wakes You?

    I have been having very vivid dreams...

    It wakes me up. I get 60 to 90 minutes anymore, unless I sleep in my chair and I can pull off 2 or 3 hours, but I might wake up with a stiff neck.

    I have Trigeminal Neuralgia, but no serious attacks lately... however, typical, so I hear, is that TN can create a fear of bed, a fear of sleeping - maybe just for those like me who's TNattacks come on in sleep.

    Anyone else "vivid dreaming" lately? I wonder if "earth changes" or solar flares could cause it.

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    I do have vivid dreams, but they don't wake me. I do, however, wake frequently throughout the every hour. Ugh. My dreams are, I must say, highly entertaining! Better than TV.

    It does suck, though, not to be able to get a decent night's sleep, and I'm almost always tired.

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    uugh i know about tn i have a bagful of stuff gone wrong as well. i often dream that my legs are wrapped with gray duct tape. now my feet and legs are dead quite a ways up but i often dream my pains right into sleep. it is awful. sleep is very difficult for me anyway. my muscles, i am now wonderfing since i have been given a new diagnosis, not gonna say just yet but it makes me doubt way back to all my health isues. esp, since i don't know how long i have had this going on. i don't list my healt problems thoi talk freely and often here about them. i simply do not want that list there staring me back. also that is why i usually stick to emotional support because it seems easier that way to me. but there is a lot of good people on all forums, thankful for that at least.

    sleep goes wrong nd throws everything off. just about anything wakes me easily and it is hard to get to sleep some times and others hard to get awake. very errtic sleep is all i can say at the best of it. good luck to all

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