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Thread: What is a "constant seizure state"

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    Default What is a "constant seizure state"

    My son & I were talking & he told me that when I was in the hosp. I was in a "constant seizure state". Is that seizurses for 24 hours a day? (On my Gosh!) He told me my feet were flexed the whole time. I guess thats why, somehow, my first 2 toes now bug me (they feel like they are pressed together). No pain luckily.
    Lorraine (lor)

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    Hi Lor,
    A costant seizure state is called "status epilepticus" which means a seizure will last for a long time 40 min. up to 3 days and a person has to be admitted into the hospital where the Dr. will give the person an I V of an AED to bring the
    person out of the seizure. It can also be called "status epilepticus" when a person has clusters of seizures one right after the other. This happened to me a few yrs. ago when the AED, Neurontin was triggering status seizures for me and it
    caused more brain damage for me. I'm happy to hear that you didn't have any pain, I wish you only the best and May God Bless You!


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