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    What's the difference between a ruptured aneurysm and a stroke? (I've never understood )


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    good question, from what I understand....a ruptured aneurysm is the artery burst open and bleeding goes very quickly to other places and can cause brain cells to die , a stroke can be a blood clot that blocks blood from getting to the brain and can cause death or severe damage. I am an aneurysm survivor as well, so I am not sure I understood it correctly my self, when I asked my doctor..(I was still a little loopy) when this thought came to me in recovery. I had a stroke(minor) in my eye that had me seeing everything with an outline. anyway I may have it all wrong and maybe someone else will jump in as clear it up for both of us...
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    Found this which I thought was layman enough for me to understand. Hope it helps.

    There are two kinds of stroke: 1) hemorrhagic (due to bleeding) which is most often caused by a ruptured brain aneurysm, and 2) embolic (due to a clot or other blood flow blocking debris) which usually happens when a blood clot blocks an artery in the brain. In both cases, a part of the brain that was being supplied with blood from either the artery with the aneurysm or had the clot is not getting the blood (and oxygen) that it needs. An aneurysm is a bulge in an artery where it has a weakened wall. So, an aneurysm that leaks results in a hemorrhagic stroke. So, you could say that you have had both - an aneurysm that when it leaked, caused a stroke. Most strokes are embolic.

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