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Thread: OT: Come and listen to Bek the liver transplant kiddo singing :)

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    Cool OT: Come and listen to Bek the liver transplant kiddo singing :)

    G'day everyone.

    As many of you know God gave Bek a brand new liver on Good Friday! Bek was on the liver waiting list for 17 months before this happened and had been in the children's hospital for a month waiting for a transplant. She was desperately ill.

    For a Christian family to get a present like that on Good Friday is as unreal as it gets.

    Bek for her Make A Wish, wish, went into a recording studio and recorded a CD.

    I have added images to one of the tracks and uploaded it to youtube for your enjoyment.

    Here is the link.

    Seeya there soon eh :)

    God bless and seeya,

    Paul, Alison and Grant the champ.
    Foster parent, now medical guardian and administrator
    for Grant the champ aged 30, yes 30!

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    very nice Paul

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