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Thread: Ive just been told....I have a 4mm aneurysm....

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    Default Ive just been told....I have a 4mm aneurysm....

    Hello, im new hear so any comments i will really appreciate.
    Im waiting for my specialists appointment.
    Trying not to worry.Need to get my blood pressure down. 165/96
    What should i expect to happen?

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    Hi judes, and WELCOME!

    I'm so sorry you've had this news. I don't usually leave the MS forum to browse among other BrainTalk forums but I happened to see your post and wanted to say Hello.

    I don't know much about aneurysms though my daughter had one. I do know that there are various treatments available for many of them, and I'm sure your doctor will go over these possibilities with you.

    I do know that getting your blood pressure down should be top priority for you.

    I hope you'll have other replies from people who know more. In the meantime, take care--
    MS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2002-2005. Copaxone 6/07 - 5/10.
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    Hi judes, glad you found us but sorry about the aneurysm, I am GING , I have just had my 8mmx8.50mm coiled in September. I had to do coiling because of the location , it was on the basilar artery, some people are able to get a clipping if theirs in in a location that is reachable . Getting your blood pressure down and in check is one of the most important things you can do, find out from your doctor , where yours is located and make a list of all the questions you have, what will they do to fix it, what is recovery time from each of the types of surgeries.
    You will get much support here and we all have been where you are, so vent ,ask questions and know we will answer you the best we can based on our experiences, we are not doctors, but we have had many experiences we can pass along to you. Again welcome and let us know how you are doing....
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    Hello Judes,

    Sorry for your shocking news - it hits us so hard when we find out we have an Ane.

    But Welcome to Brain Talk - you are in good company and we all share our stories and offer our suggestions and such - but we are not doctors - just survivors or those waiting for treatment.

    You will see either a Surgeon or an Interventional Radiologist who will go over where your Ane is located and your treatment options, either coiling or clipping, or waiting. Then you will have some choices to make.

    We all advise to grab a manilla file and start collecting information and cards and getting ready to learn learn learn and advocate for yourself.

    There is usually no reason ( other than our fear ) to rush into anything. It's better to learn all you can so you and your family get used to the wonderful treatments and choices there are available to us Ane folks.

    Ask any question you like on here - no question is silly -you have the most wonderful group who will respond. We have been there done that and live with it every darn day.

    You will have lots of past posts you can read too as you go along -

    My best and stay strong!
    Tropical Trish
    7mm Basilar Tip~Coiled & Stent Nov4/08 Watch List 2nd Ane
    One of the great labor-saving devices of today is tomorrow!

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    Hi judes! I am so sorry that you have to be here, but then I believe you have found the right place for support. We will try our best to answer your questions. We have all been where you are and understand how scary this time is for you!!!

    I agree with the above posts. It is extremely important that you work on your blood pressure. I know this whole situation goes against that advice, since the stress and worry will do the opposite. I just had to tell myself that I was not in control of this annie, but I was in control of my reaction. I would try to just take deep breaths and realize that I was doing what was right for me.

    While waiting for your appointment with the specialist, find out from your doctor the location. The treatments are so different, it may be best to be armed with specific questions about your type of annie. Also, don't let the information you read--there are all kinds of stories out there--you have an advantage! You are aware of your annie before it ruptures!

    I have had two annies, both on the ophthalmic branch of the carotid. I had one clipped in 2007 and the other in 2009. I had no choice with the first one, but the second annie I had the choice of clipping or coiling. I certainly can answer any clipping questions you have :)

    Please know that we are here for you!!!
    Candice-37 years old
    7 mm ophthalmic annie clipped Nov 14, 2007
    4 mm daughter annie clipped March 11, 2009
    September 2009 diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia

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    Hi Judes!!

    Sorry I haven't replied to you before now, I haven't been on here inhe past month. I'm really glad that you found your way here though :)

    Have you had your appointment with the neurosurgeon yet regarding your options?

    One of the best ways to help get your BP down is meditation. There are many different forms, but I personally highly recommend Mindfulness Meditation. The other thing is to not get too caught up in the "what-if's" - they will drive you crazy!! ;) Try to stay in the moment - live for today, be grateful and thankful for all the beauty in the everyday things. And just love your loved ones...all simple, small things, but really they are the BIG things that make our lives abundantly full and rich!! :)

    Let us know how you are getting on!!

    Love and light,

    Nat xx
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