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Thread: How Wonderful It Would be to Sleep, but I have Chronic Insomnia!

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    Default How did your appt. go at UHealth Sleep Center for Neurology?

    How did your appointment go? When I read that you took 7 (2mgs) pills of a benzodiazepam, I thought oh no, that's really a high amount. I know what it means not to sleep even with taking high amounts of drugs including Klonopin. I stayed up for 8 days straight once and then crashed and burned. I was so miserable!!! I couldn't understand how I could be so alert at 3 am like it was 10 am. It was alarming.

    I also understand about psychiatric hospitalizations, the worst of them and the best (which saved my life). I, too, have an abuse background. I've done Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and it didn't work and it wasn't going to work. I had to work out my abuse background which was pretty extensive and rough. I had a Dissociative Disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome. Eventually, I got to work with a wonderful psychiatrist who was a traumatologist. She specialized in PTSD and Dissociative Disorders. I didn't have a choice. I wasn't functioning at all or if I was, I was being self-destructive. It's really hard to find the right doctors but all it takes is one good one. At least the (right psychiatrist) is a medical doctor and should work WITH any reputable sleep doctor.

    Do you have a diagnosis of Insomnia? You said that your sleep study showed that you didn't enter REM sleep but that the office dismissed it. I hope that the other center that you just had the appt. with was able to get that record.

    Perhaps you know about the Sidran Foundation which offers resources for abuse survivors. Here are some links to them specifically and a listing of treatment centers in Florida. There's no reason why a good trauma specialist (psychiatrist, psychologist, psychiatric nurse therapist) won't help medically with your sleep diagnosis and treatment. It could all be linked so instead of looking at one piece of the puzzle that the sleep doctors alone aren't helping, why not look at it comprehensively and think of the insomnia as part of a larger picture? I had incredible anxiety but it was just a symptom of so much more.

    I'm sorry if I've overstepped my boundaries here. It's just that I've been there and if any of these suggestions help you from having to travel the decades of misery I did, then that would give you the answers that took me so long to get.

    BTW, I hope your wedding planning goes well. At least it's an exciting time for you.

    Did you appt. at least go well or did you learn anything that might be useful?

    Some links:


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    You're lucky you could get off those. It's pretty tough especially if you take Benzos. I took 7 2 mg tablets last night and still barely slept. I know that's too much medication. Any suggestions?

    I have an appointment April 26th at UHealth Sleep Center for Neurology. Hope they can help! My doc here in Stuart was another let-down. He apparently only likes shooting Botox in women's faces and not really dealing with sick people. Again, his staff referred me to a shrink. I am otherwise a very happy person who is planning a wedding in a few months and I would really like to look good and not feel sleepy and refreshed for that!

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    I hope your sleeping troubles get better. Both hubby and I are suppose to have call back to see sleep doctors. I hate wearing the head gear and all and mouth stays so dry now especially with those pesky things in my nostrils that supply oxygen.

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    You poor dear. You can't be judged as crazy or normal because so many missed hours of sleep will make the doctors themselves go gaga. I feel for you. I've had bouts of night afetr night with one or two hours- and man that made the whole day extra hard to do even the easy things.

    Sorry to say that I don't have anything more than my best wishes and sympathy to offer you- but you have every bit of that. Goodnight, sweet dreams.....,

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    I am so frustrated! Why are these doctors so quick to push sleep and pain meds on their patients without truly listening and understanding that the root of the problem is INSOMNIA..WE ARE NOT SLEEPING AT NIGHT! If you donĘt sleep at night, then your day is usually wrecked. Times that by 7, 30, 60, 365 days and see what that does to your life! My life has been destroyed from insomnia. I have been put on every sleep med there is, tried all types of homeopathic remedies, nothing works. My circadian rhythm is completely destroyed. My eyes nor brain know that it is night time. My brain never shuts off. I did not start out with depression, the insomnia and its debilitating effects on my life have caused me to slump into darkness...taking synthetic chemicals to sleep is not REAL and Restorative sleep..its chemical sleep which has bad side effects on the body in general. I have been without sleep for 43 years of my life and I am not exaggerating. The doctors are bafffled and my life is completely destroyed!

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