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    Default Tizanidine

    it's been a long time posting, about the time we lost grassman.
    I've been taking tizandine for longer than that and I want to see if I can stop taking it everyday. and maybe have a little more energy. just started back on copaxone after not taking it for a while. still waking with a cane but...
    seen a new nero today and I get the same ;but you look good;
    Boy I sure would like to feel good. just blowing hot air. anyway any ideas?

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    Hi stickman,
    Welcome back! I do remember your user name and am sure others will too.

    I haven't taken Tizanidine but wonder if you've looked at this information:

    If you stop taking it or reduce the dose, you should taper off instead of doing anything suddenly.

    Good luck with the new neuro and with the Copaxone.
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    I successfully got off it at 8mg at bedtime and 2-4 mg 1-2x/day additionally for about three years. It took almost three months but just cutting the dose by a quarter of a tablet (the 4mg tabs are scored in 4) during the day time doses and a half a tablet for the night time doses over time , did it. My daytime doses were eliminated long before the night time ones and it took about 3 months of taking 2 mg away for a week or two then another 2 mg and so on till I no longer needed it.

    Also stretching daily a couple of times a day reduced the spasticity some and as a result I needed the Tizanadine (Zanaflex) less as I did that more.

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    I tried it and could not see any difference as compared to Bacloflen. Other than it cost more and I take a large amount of Clonidine for blood pressure and the 2 don't mix.

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