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    Default America's Most Wanted All Star Award

    Hi Everyone, it's been a while and I hope everyone is well!!

    Just stopping by to tell you about a friend of mine and ask for your support. He's been nominated by the Mass Firefighter Chief Assoc for this award and needs votes. The story is amazing:

    Boston Fire Department Lieutenant Glenn McGillivray had no idea what awaited him as he responded to an early morning call on October 18th 2011. The six alarm fire in the Roxbury section of Boston was only a few blocks away from Engine 42 where his station house is located. When he arrived at the scene, the 44 year old veteran firefighter encountered a three story brick apartment building consumed with fire and smoke. Even more horrific was the sight he observed on a third floor ledge.

    Lieutenant McGillivray watched a six-year old boy dangling from his grandmother's hand as she straddled the window of the raging inferno. At this point ladders had not been put in place, leaving several people on the ledge of the burning building. Lieutenant McGillivray knew that if he could not keep these people calm the situation would turn into a disaster quickly. Without a moment to spare, Lieutenant McGillivray made the decision to instruct the woman to let go of her grandson as he moved into position to catch him from his three story drop. He successfully caught the boy and handed him off to safety. Soon afterwards, ladders were used to safely rescue the grandmother and more than fifteen tenants.

    When asked about his display of bravery and quick thinking, Lieutenant McGillivray responded "It wasn't a one man show...everybody played a part in it". The great feeling he receives from helping others is what drives this humble public servant. His courage, leadership and ability to remain calm in the midst of chaos are but a few of the qualities Lieutenant Glenn McGillivray maintains as a 2012 All-Star finalist.

    You may have seen him on Ellen too:

    What is not mentioned is that when Glenn got there, Xavier was being held by one ankle. Had he fallen it would have been a 3 story drop to concrete and most likely on his head.

    Please vote for him daily and share with others, he truely deserves this award, we are SO very proud of him!!!

    Thanks for your support!

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    That's awesome! What an honor to know someone so....well honorable lol. Looks like a sweet guy. I have voted.

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    Happy Easter!!!

    Please take a minute to vote today (and every day)...Glenn made it to #3 yesterday, please help get him to #1 today.

    You can also vote as many times as you have unique e-mail addresses.

    THANK YOU!!!

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    Just a friendly reminder to vote today

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