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    Hello. I have been on an antidepressant for two years. Citalopram or Celexa as some of you might know it. I read that citalopram is used to treat 'major' depression and yet, I was never really 'majorly' depressed.I ask myself why did I take it for two years when I was only depressed for a short time. When I check out the side effects, I cant imagine why a depressed person would want to take a drug that could cause anxiety or nervousness. The side effects are so insidious that we probably think its part of our depression. I am menopausal and for two years I have had horrendous problems with overheating. Sometimes I just couldnt live in my skin. I noted that one of Citaloprams side effects is excessive sweating.Why would you give a person who overheats that drug? Do these Doctors not think at all. They told me to stay on it, so I went off it and found a remedy that has the same calming and levelling effect. My sleep has not changed Inositol is a vitamin B 8 and 1000 mgs a day has the same impact as an antidepressant. It has taken several days to kick in ( 6 I think ). You need to go off your antidepressant before starting inositol. The body will react and you will think you have done the wrong thing. However its all part of the process. Once you get dosed up on Inositol you will come back to a more level space.

    Inositol is a healthy alternative without the nasty side effects.

    Talk with your Doctor first and he will advise you on how to wean yourself off.

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    Different people have different reactions, and different side effects. And - there can be something like 200 different medical-related reasons for having the symptom called "depression," including a physical reaction to stress. When I got that symptom - "depression", it was very much due to severe, prolonged, STRESS!! I did not have the kind they show on TV where the person is lying around all day feeling sad and incapacitated. I still worked and such. The doctors really messed me up with trying so many antidepressants and making me go through withdrawal. In the end what worked best for me - like you - was nutrition, although different nutrition from you. For me, addressing the mitochondrial methylation cycle with SAM-e and tri-methyl-glycine was very helpful. Choline and other B vitamins (methylated folate and methylated cobalamin) are important.

    It is interesting to me how often mitochondria and the methylation cycle (choline is part of it) keeps coming up. Inositol used to be considered a B vitamin, since it was so intertwined with all this complicated cellular B-vitamin goings on. BUT - it isn't really, as it is a carbohydrate which our body should make, but we all know things can go wrong, don't we?

    Here are some articles you might be interested in:

    Double-blind, controlled trial of inositol treatment of depression.

    Choline intake exceeding current dietary recommendations preserves markers of cellular methylation in a genetic subgroup of folate-compromised men.

    Nutrition, genes, and brain dysfunctions: Folate

    B-Vitamins, Mood, and Methylation Its Complicated
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    Hi Kay and welcome.

    I will tell ya how a depressed person can stand taking it. When the only other alternatives are self medication with drugs and/or alcohol, suicide, destructive behavior. I know because I live it every day. Mine cannot be treated simply with supplements. Been there.

    When you want to die and it is only because there is a chemical imbalance in the brain then you are pretty much willing to try anything. I also suffer from severe situational anxiety which basically yes stress antagonizes it.

    There are people who have areas in their lives where they may be in a depressed state for anywhere from maybe 3 months to a couple of years and need a bit of medication to get through the rough times and are able to go off of them. Not everyone though. I have been through about 12 - 15 different kinds of antidepressants, mood stabilizers, and antipsychotics trying to find something that would help me want to live instead of making me horribly ill. I don't think that includes meds for my sleep issues. My psych and I are down to the last few left to try so when my current Effexor quits working not sure what there is left.

    Believe it or not Celexa is considered mild. I took it for three years and it worked wonderfully for me but then I became pregnant and had to stop. Terrible, terrible postpartum depression.

    There is not one medication that is safe and healthy to take once you read the fine print. Well there is one but the best way to find out real reactions is to check forums and find real people that have taken them along with sites that don't benefit from making them sound like a dream. Everyone reacts differently.

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    Default Inositol - Anti-cancer too!

    I find this fascinating! Sometimes veterinarians are really at the leading edge when treating chronic, incurable conditions. A friend of mine who is a vet commented about how they use nutrition frequently for our pets yet the people doctors rarely mention it to us, and the ones who do are usually the type considered "integrative." Anyway, I was reading about cancer treatments for dogs with incurable cancers (I have one such cancer) and I was reading about phase one and phase two detox support... yes, that is familiar to me... reading some more, then got to some information I had never encountered before and immediately thought of you - what a coincidence - it was about inositol! Here is what it said:

    Inositol. Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) is a naturally occurring carbohydrate found in the cells of almost all plants and mammals. IP6 possesses significant anticancer properties, including reducing the proliferation of cancer cells and increasing NK (natural killer) cell activity.

    The enhanced immunity and antioxidant properties of Inositol are also thought to contribute to tumor cell destruction.

    IP6 is easily absorbed from the GI tract, and is safe. In clinical trials, it enhanced the anticancer effect of conventional chemotherapy, controlled cancer metastases, and improved quality of life.

    I also find it interesting that over and over, I find connections between enhancing immune response, and reducing inflammatory responses (cytokines) and the alleviation of some forms of depression.

    Kudos to you for finding what it was that your body needed most. I no longer have depression (I no longer have the severe stress I was under at the time either, though. ) but I am under the care of physicians who do "integrative" treatment for cancer. "Integrative" helped other family members I have with mental illnesses. You might be interested in this: Looking Beyond the Symptoms An Integrative Approach

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