I figured I'd start a general thread where we can post suggestions & pix for all our house projects.


My idea was to add a backspalsh to that one wall of the kichen to spice it up. Then I picked an odd bricky red for the mantel which can be seen from the kitchen & carries the color around to the next room. I changed out the throw pillows on the off-white sofa to varieties of red, which made the place look much warmer & more inviting. Red does that to you. I ended up choosing the multi-color 1" matte squares that are lying flat on the countertop for the backsplash & made it WOW! Also added red kitchen towels and pot holders. Doing that small area in the new decorator type tiles was much cheaper than upgrading the countertop & had more visual punch.

The internet listing was a huge success because I had offers on my house the first and second days it was on the market. I guess this was just on the cusp of the housing market crash. Fortunately my RE agent had a masters in design, so she had tons of great color advice to make a house saleable. We butted heads over which red glass tiles to use, but I have more experience w/ glass, it was my money, so I won. She conceded defeat once she saw it in place.