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Thread: Leak from cervical myelogram - please help :(

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    Default Leak from cervical myelogram - please help :(

    I had a cervical myelogram over 3 weeks ago. The puncture was made at C1:C2 on the left side. Since then I have had a horrible constant headache. It is bad laying down and sitting up. I feel like my brain is banging against my skull. The radiologist who did the myelogram ordered a MRI of the cervical spine and brain, and since the findings were normal, he denied any possibility of a leak. The thing is, the MRI was done after a week of bed rest, so I know there was less inflammation because I was feeling a little better. Once I went back to work everything got worse again.

    Can you have a leak with a normal MRI of the brain and cervical spine?
    Can you get a blood patch at C1:C2? The doctor refused to do one because the MRI was normal and the neck is "risky".

    What should I do? Please help.

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    Hi EvaEva
    Myself Ive had a leak for the last 5 years but it only got offically found last year, Ive had numerous MRI's which did not show the leak, the only sign of it was my brain was lying slightly low in the skull, It was only after a Radion cisternogram, (basically putting radioactive dye into your spine) and taking images over 2 days that they found where my leak is. They then used MRI to target the exact area where the leak is and could then see it. So if you have a leak it can be missed, But these things can be tricky to find, and headaches also have a hundred and one reasons for being there, You need to speak to your Doctor and let him know you still have a problem with the headaches, If a blood patch at C1:C2 is risky then unless they see an obvious leak I guess they would not wish to take an unecessary risk, Hope you find some answers and the headache is not a leak, but just keep the communication going with your doctor, Take Care Lisa

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