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    I'm deboraha , thanks for being here. this is a brief... very very brief as it's the best i can offer... had traumatic closed head injury in 04 and TBI last nov. by an officer. I was out of gabapentin, i walked to pharmacy wiyh my stick, officer said i was seen walking down the street with big stick, i stagger so its just best i walk with it.. then i acte d strange at pharmacy and they called to officer on me. shortened some more, he yanked me out of the van crushed my shoulder i have new tbi and was not tested or treatedl at Grace Hospital Morganton NC rather the EMT reported i was there ten minutes psych eval... no secrets, i told the officer i can prove i'm tbi... had medical to prove it... and i have to go court april 2 . dr said not likely will i heal from this... Valdese and burke county nc want and are trying to cover it up.... like it was my fault yada yada. plecadig not guility as charged, demanding a jury trial, etx.

    i haven't had a natural nights sleep since nov 3. i'm fitful tonight. yada yada... could use some good vibes and healthy chit chat with new friends who can relate to tbi and yada .... i've lost family, friends, opportunity, house, and all the junk I used to like. just about everything stolen while in kansas for hearings.... i made people mad at me because i wasn't told i had a head injury.... because.... worker comp didn't send me a neuro... and i ran my brain damaged mouth for years... pissed off this and that person yada yada... it goes on and on... and on and on...

    and why i had to fine my way somewhere I can fit in... if possible because mine is not a normal life

    Kind regards, Deborah....

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    Welcome Deborah. I am glad you found your way to us.

    I think I can safely say that almost no one here lives a 'normal' life. Besides, who is to decide what is normal?

    There are a few here who also have TBI and some of us just have brains that don't work up to par like they once did so you are not alone.

    Do you have a Facebook page? I have a friend who has a FB page and she too is fighting with some legal issues that her little town police are conspiring against her and she started the page and has contacted the media and her local government to stir up the people to fight against the small town law. It is ridiculous the amount of things a lot of these little law enforcement agencies cover up.

    So is your complaint against the police over?

    What happened?

    Are you suing? I hope so. The police couldn't care less about those of us who are disabled when they are arresting people. I watched a woman police officer dump a man out of his wheelchair in the middle of the police station because he couldn't stand up when she told him to because she refused to believe he really needed the wheelchair. Just terrible.

    I am so sorry that your health has caused you to lose your friends and family. Many struggle with the same kind of losses. I hope that they eventually come around for you.

    I hope you stick around here with us. Everybody is wonderful.

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    Welcome Deborah, I hope you stay with us, there are so many here that will understand the new normal that is you . Sometimes I feel like I am waking up to a new and different world every day. You like many of us ,Are facing challenges that we never thought we would have, you will get much support here, these are very caring and understanding folks . Again, happy you found us ! GING :)

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    Default welcome

    Welcome Deborah. My name is Jeff, I suffered a what they called a catrostophic Traumatic Brain Injury back in 2006, before I go on houghchrst said it perfectly and I myself say it all the time as well! who is to say what is NORMAL???????? I didnt know they had a normal police department My injury led to Epilepsy! I have had well over 700 seizures in four years! I have also lost many important things in my life, My marriage, My business, my sanity at times but I have learned to trust God! I will be having my fifth brain operation in one month and then one more the following week! That will be six Brain surgerys I think I will quit at that mark!!! Someone told me last week that are life is like a swinging pendulum when its swings to the left life's good and when it swings to the right not so good! meaning that everything will get better and sometimes life will stink! I tend to look on the bright side of things these days! Many reasons why. but I hope you know you are not alone!!!!! Best Regards Jeff
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    Welcome to Brain Talk, Deboraha.

    I am sorry for all of your troubles and hope they get better soon.
    There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK

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    Hi Deborah,
    Thank you for introducing yourself. I hope you'll find some supportive friends here.

    It sounds as if you've been having a very rough time. You definitely don't need legal hassles on top of your injury. I hope things start improving for you.
    MS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2002-2005. Copaxone 6/07 - 5/10.
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