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Thread: Parkinson's night time hallucinating, horrible nights

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    Default Parkinson's night time hallucinating, horrible nights

    I have not been in a long while, hubby fell again last June and severely broke his wrist. He has not been the same, it has been hallucinations and he is very combative to me and most of the time does not know who I am. At first family Dr.said Alzheimer's, last week his Neuro Specialist ( new Neuro Dr. I might add ) His mental is okay during the day time and usually in the evenings and the night time.
    Said it is due to th Mirapex and had me go to half dose on it, which helped for two nights but then he was real bad withall the PD effects of this horrible disease and we had to go back to his regular dosage. I am such a loss and want to keep him home and care for him myself, I come here today to see if anyone else has gone through this and what did you do?
    His fall three years ago was such a miracle after the brain injury, he come through that to be able to relearn, etc but since last June fall it has been a nightmare.
    Anyone resounding will be greatly appreciated, I know God is helping me so far providing me with HIS strength.
    Thank you. Please, Pray for my hubby and me too.
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    I hope you get some answers for your problem. Have the doctors suggested changing drugs, I have had some trouble with vivid dreams when I was on

    requip 20 mgs but it got better when they switched me to requip LA. which I now take once a day


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    Default Parkinson's with Lewy Bodies

    My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's with Lewy bodies last June. We found that the right levels of medication as well as consistent intervals of giving the medication, Sinemet, makes a difference in night time hallucinations.

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