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Thread: Allergies after coiling ( a poll )

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    Question Allergies after coiling ( a poll )

    I was just wondering if any of you that had a coiling , developed any antibiotic , adhesive, latex ointment bases allergies since your coiling?
    I was never allergic to anything until the first attempt, then developed problems with several different antibiotics( I have never taken that many over my life)
    I don't know if the contrast used, or some other chemical used could be a factor that may have left an imprint on the way my body reacts to thes things now.
    I appreciate any input from you, thanks :) GING
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    Hi Ging, I have not had any of these issues.

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    I have Ging!

    I am NOW allergic to most of the glue of bandaids and tapes - never was before. I was stuck on bandaids cos baindaids stuck............... :)

    I found out yesterday I am allergic now to an antibiotic CEPHALEXIN - dont even want to tell you how awful this was/still is!

    I was NOT allergice to anything prior to my 5 Angiograms and the Coiling/Stent procedure.

    Like you though - I haven't had to take much in my life. I get injured - being blonde -- but seldom get sick - so the antibiotic thing is new and well so is the tape/bandaid thing too.

    Think of all the dyes etc we have had pumped thru us!!!!

    ???? One never know.....
    Tropical Trish
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