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Thread: Marie Osmond Onstage Accident:

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    Default Marie Osmond Onstage Accident:

    What would you do if you lost bladder control in front of 100's of people? I feel so bad for her


    I will print the story along with link in case they pull the story

    Marie Osmond Onstage Accident: Brother Donny Explains What Caused Her to Collapse Into GigglesToday 12:43 PM PDT by Rebecca Macatee

    Ethan Miller/Getty Images
    When you gotta go, you gotta go.

    It just so happened that for Marie Osmond, a serious case of the giggles caused her to lose control of her bladder onstage during the farewell night of the Donny & Marie Cruise. But the showbiz veteran had a sense of humor when it came to her infamous accident, even wiping it up with a towel.

    Her brother Donny tells that while Marie was at first "so embarrassed" by the incident, she ultimately "embraced it."

    But what was so funny that it sent Marie over the edge?

    MORE: Hallmark Invites Marie Osmond In as Martha Stewart Is Shown Out

    "There was a video that they put together of the entire cruise and it was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life," he says. "At the very end of it, Marie and I looked at each other like, 'What are we gonna say?' So we were trying to be very polite, saying that it was sweet, and I said, 'I wonder who put that together?' And Marie said, 'Well, whoever did it is not going to do it next year!' And that just started the process."

    After that, "she lost it," Donny says. "Then I lost it, and finally she just peed her pants! She tried to cover it up, but there's no way to cover it up. It just got worse and worse and funnier and funnier."

    And while his kid sis was at first "so embarrassed" about her little accident, Donny "consoled her" and reminded her that she is "now extremely normal."

    She "embraced it," says Donny. "It's so important to be yourself."

    Read more:
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    Well, you asked what I'd do. I'd put a lot of distance between myself and any brother who wanted to talk about the incident to the press.
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    She seems to have a stage fright of sorts. Remember her fainting spell on Dancing with the stars? She's had a tougher life than most people expect. I believe her son committed suicide a few years ago.
    Love, Sally

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    Yes Sally he was her adopted son, qnd I saw her on 'dancing' She had lost some weight really looked goof and was feeling better and now this.

    how many of us have our own mortifying (sp?) story of the same 9or similar) thing happening?

    Mine was in an upscale department store ( cosmetioc section I think. I had gone to return something by myself (something I did not do as my husband was the bathroom' spotter' as soon as we walked into any store or I wouls panic
    if I did not know where it was and it walways had to be the first store from where the car was parked -

    well it was a 25 minute drive to the store to begin with so I was pushing it when I got there by myself and even though I knew the store I got turned around and paniicked and there I was standing between Estee ans Lancome- no one saw me or got involved and afer it was over I found the restroom and had a crying meltdown and thankfully I was wearing black jeans that day

    1998 it was in Topeka Kansas after that I alway carried a cup in car and many times had to have him pull off on a dirt road (why the cup deal I do not know)

    Then later I found some things to help and then detrol (which is to expensive and now use the 'Go Less' product and I never go out anywhere now and if I do first thing find the 'safe' place.

    Thats why i posted this as it brought back that awful day I experienced

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