Hi Everyone,
I am wondering if anyone has had a VP shunt placed to help divert fluid to help heal a csf leak in the spine?
I had radiation and tumor removal in 2002 on my spinal cord and then I had a complete spinal fusion in 2009 which led to a csf leak around L1-2. I have had 3 surgeries to repair it with no success. The leak has led to a pocket of csf fluid in my back (not bulging but under the muscles). Now Dr. Schevink has suggested getting a VP shunt to help divert fluid and hope it heals. He said I would have to have to shunt for years in order for it to heal and I will still have to headaches! It seems like a lot of risk for not knowing if this will work! Has anybody had this done? Given that three surgeries have failed, I am very cautious. If anybody has experienced any situation like mine (radiation or shunt placement for csf leak) please help!