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    Default my garden of memories......

    [SIZE=4] In 1968, my dad commited suicide when I was 12. He drank alot; but he loved us kids & always treated us good. Life goes on & death is easier I believe when your young. In 2000, my only brother who was the youngest of us 5 kids, died. He was with a few of his freinds & then the next day, someone fround him on his front porch. Police said that he was dragged onto the porch (shirts were pulled up around his neck & arms straight above his head) But autopsy stated he died from suffocation from vomiting (can't remember the correct term) Cops said it was accidental, My brother was 42.
    Then 5 years later, my younger sister lossed her battle with 3 kinds of cancer (brain, lung & bone). She was 50 years old. She loved animals. She was always picking up strays & taking care of them. Even an owl with a broken wing.
    Then in Oct 2010, my middle son who was 36 tried committing suicide (him & his girlfriend were breaking up) we got him to the hospital in time & for a few weeks everything seemed ok. But, then my son got very depressed & took more drugs. We called for an ambulance, but instead 2 state troopers came. They stood there talking to my son for awhile & he seemed OK & even agreed to go to the Er. But he wanted the cops to leave--- but they wouldn't & things went so horriblly wrong. They tased him 4 times & held him down with one of their knees on the back of my son's neck & I yelled for them to quit. I watched while my son died. He struggled BUT did not fight with them --- he just kept putting his hands under his stomach so they could not cuff him.
    Today my youngest son received the results from tests that were ordered for him. He's been having alot of headaches & dizzy spells. Our family Dr told us that he was making an appointment in Pittsburgh for my son as soon as possible. He either has a cyst or tumor or brain cancer.
    My son has a 11 year old that he has full custody of. I wish my brother & my sister & my other son would of had children, but none of them did.
    I do have an older son. Him & his wife have 2 kids a 12 year old & a 5 year old; so I do have 2 grandsons & a granddaughter. I am grateful for them; as well as the rest of my family. I get by each day with my good memories & with Jesus listening to my prayers. Thank you for letting me unload some of this.

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    Welcome to Brain Talk Jaycojade. I'm sorry for all the sorrows you have endured, but as long as you lean on Jeasus to carry you on you wilkl make it.
    You do have beautiful children and they have given you some blessed grandchildren. I have grand children and they keep me going when all else goes wrong.

    I pray your son will have some good news when he goes to get expert opinion. Please let us know how this turns out, ok?
    I'm glad you stoped here at Brain Talk and we have some good forums where you can find much information. If you find the forum not active, post and see if there are others that have the same brain problems. You can also look up things in the archives, you just can't post there. It you want to bring back a thread you find there aske the Admins. or Moderators how to do this.

    You take care of Your self. I'm glad you stopped in and hope you will stay.

    best wishes and prayers, Jo
    Did you ever know that you're my hero and every thing I would like to be I can fly higher than an eagle
    'cause you are the wind beneath my wings

    for my brother Ben

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    Thank you for reply. I believe we need to lean on each other to get thur our hardships & to leave our troubles in Jesus' hands. Take care.

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    Jaycogade, I'm sorry about everything that has happened to you. I have something that might make you chukle. I just wrote it in chit chat. I'm 2 years younger than you so you should recognise what I wrote. It's nothing special but it might make you smile and think 'oh, I remember that'. 1968 is a sad year for me too -- my mom died. Go to chit chat to the "Kids of the sixties" thead.
    Lorraine (lor)

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