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    Hi, I had a colloidal cyst in the third ventricle removed by a frontal craniotomy in 2006. One of the things that has bugged me ever since is whether the bone flap once "fused" with the rest of the skull, is fragile or sturdy. My General Practitioner in the UK suggested that I couldn't do weight training exercises because this would potentially cause the flap to be compromised ("pop up") from the excess pressure built up by straining with force to lift the weights. I don't think this was advice specific to me, but just what he considered to be a common sense approach. Beside he changed his mind from suggesting I would only have to avoid lifting heavy weights for a year after the operation, and then on my return to quiz him about something else, he then suggested a life time ban on weight training.

    I always thought a life time ban was excessively cautious particularly since I later read about a boxer Barrerra who defended his world title about a dozen times after a frontal craniotomy. Though I did read that he had a metal plate fitted which sounds very sturdy whereas I only have my own bone material back in it's rightful place. This has caused me a great deal of anxiety in the meantime, and I have avoided confrontation ever since because I feared that someone could punch the bone flap area and cave it in or something similar. Not that I go looking for trouble either of course I have actually suffered from stress ever since the operation, but I have been getting acupuncture for that for the last number of years and do feel more or less normal. This outstanding issue and the fact that I was suffering from what I would term some form of PTSD after the operation, has tortured me at times really in the past number of years, but I am kind of over it now- hence I can ask the question.

    I've had no problems with the surgery itself and the cyst removal was a complete success. The only physical issues I have are a slight pain in the head if I sleep with my head down on the side that the surgery occurred on, which goes as soon as I change sides, and on cold days- which seems to be along the "kerf" lines. Really both are what I would call discomfort rather than painful. So I would always assume that the healing of the bone flap to the rest of the skull was also a complete success.

    No doubt the size of the bone flap and the techniques used to heal the flap to the skull change depending on the type of surgical materials used from country to country- or is there some standard rule of thumb I can apply. I am sure my GP was right to suggest I should be cautious but I think considering it is now 6 years since the operation I imagine the bone flap is more than a permanent fixture by now.

    Looking forward to your replies.
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