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Thread: AHHH!!! It's almost time for my MRI

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    Default AHHH!!! It's almost time for my MRI

    Hi All
    Wow it's been very quiet in here. Hope all is well with everyone.
    Well at 9.30 on Monday, Sydney time, I am having a MRI of my brain to check my clippings and to make sure there are no other horrid little aneurysms lurking. I'm very scared- usually have a contrast cta but Neuro has asked for this to avoid some radiation- which I guess is a good thing! But the fuss I have had to go through- to make sure the clips are ok for the scan. People going back and forward to medical records etc- driving me insane- however I am glad they are so cautious.
    Can't wait until it's over and I see Neuro on Friday and hopefully get the all clear for a few more years. This has been 2 since last check.
    Think of me on Monday- i need calm thoughts!!!!!!
    Trace x

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    Trace, I will be thinking positive thoughts for you honey, I know how complicated getting the all clear on the hardware can be! I go for my 1st follow up angio on March 8th for my coiling, I wish I could have an MRI w/ contrast instead, I hate angios !
    You will be fine and I hope you relax and just think it doesn't take as long in those MRIs as it used too ! Hugs honey :)

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    It has been extremely quiet in here,thought maybe everone went somewhere else. I hope everything goes well with your MRI. Hope you stay calm and relaxed.Wishing you the very best as always.

    Ging ,good luck also with your angiogram,,,and your right those are horrbile.Been thru 5 of them..

    Jimmy C.

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    Do you all remember June bug from the old site? she is having an angiogram on the 7th so we will be all getting our noggins checked around the same time , I hope we all do well, thanks for the good wishes Jimmy, glad to see a post, I check every morning. :)

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    Will be thinking about you both Trace and Ging. And Junebug also. Take care all.

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    Trace, sending you lots of positive and calming energy to you for Monday. I'll be holding your hand through your scan - so you won't be alone in there...
    It's funny isn't it - no matter how many times we all face these tests and checkups, they are still scary. Remember to breathe and I hope your getting out there and having fun - the weather is gorgeous down there in Sydney this weekend!! (better than up here at least! ;) )

    Ging - will be thinking of you on the 8th and sending lots of healing and calming energy...give my love to Junebug too xx

    Nat xx
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