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Thread: Hello MS Friends, Couldn't remember my old User name but I'm happy to be back..

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    Default Hello MS Friends, Couldn't remember my old User name but I'm happy to be back..

    I am so happy to see that this group is still here and thriving. I see some names that I remember from the last 10 years (at least). I was really a lurker as I have been diagnosed for 20 years but had about 5 years in between where there were questions. Things have gotten pretty bad and so many other health issues popped up that I am now in the hands of a University MS Centre and have all of my physicians at the same University system. I don't want to make this post too long as I wasn't sure how much to put in the Biography section and I now see that I have included a lot but it really seems easy to get to a profile and gets to the heart of my personal health story. I only say health instead of MS since I deal with quite a few illnesses having no relation to this disease.

    I was visiting as a lurker last time I was on here and a heart attack in November of 2010 plus some actual wonderful family events have kept me away from the wonderful people on this board. So I am now called Doggygranny as my living situation has added two new dogs to my life in addition to my little angel (a Bichon Frise). My MS currently keeps me in AFO's and a walker when I don't have to go too far but a long mall day for example would require my power chair. I have had to be taken off of several chemo type drugs for the MS as my bone density became quite diminished. Other than the typical spasticity and pain meds, I am on Copaxone which is easieast on my system. I think that although it is probably not as strong as some therapies I would require at my 20 year stage, my other health problems won't allow too many of the therapies.

    So as not to be too long (something I use to do quite often), I will end my re-introduction by just saying that I would love to get to know some people who understand what daily life is like for me and I suppose some online friends. Hope to also find out if there are things I haven't heard about since my focus has been on so many other issues I am dealing with. If someone would like to share with me how to upload a photo (couldn't find out how), that would be great if it's something many of you do. Blessings to you all..

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    Quote Originally Posted by doggygranny View Post
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    If someone would like to share with me how to upload a photo (couldn't find out how), that would be great if it's something many of you do. Blessings to you all..
    At the top of this page, second from right, it says "Settings". Click on that and it will take you to a page where you can add a profile picture. That should be on the left. Good luck! :)
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    Welcome back to BrainTalk, doggygranny!

    Since we now have a new program for this forum, there are several things you cannot do until your 11th post. Here is a list of questions and answers that are asked by many new people and which our SYSOP, Mike Weins has as his signature:

    Question: Why can't I post links or pictures?
    Question: Why can't I have a signature, avatar, or profile picture?
    Question: What's wrong with my account?

    Answer: You are in the "registered users" user group. This group is very limited in what it can do. This will annoy spammers to no end. Just keep posting once you have been registered for 30 days and have made 10 posts, your 11th (or higher) post will unlock your account.

    If you have any problems after your 11th post, please private message any moderator or administrator, post your question in the "Forum Feedback" forum or just ask your question in your forum post here. There are a lot of friendly, knowledgeable people here who will be happy to help!

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    Smile Thanks

    Thanks so much to both of you. That does make a lot of sense and now I know how to do it when I get to a higher number of posts. Hope to talk to you later....

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    Welcome back, doggygranny!

    Wish I could recall you but so far I've thought of only two people who might have been you--user names happyone and MS Step. Does either of those names ring a bell?

    I was looking at your Profile. It's too bad you've had cardiac problems on top of the MS. But it sounds as if you've been getting along in spite of your problems.

    Looking forward to more of your posts.
    MS, diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009.

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    Welcome back

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    Hi. I have other problems too, in my advanced years. I was Rowena on the original MS Forum and now I am just plain Mariel,
    my original name, which I don't like a lot, but it's handy never to have to use a last name, like Cher.

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    Welcome back Doggygranny! I have been post since January 2001 and was lurking for a few months before that. I use to post under a different name, but when forum went down once I couldn't get that use that name again, so like Mariel I just use my own name - Virginia.

    Hope you will stick around and get to know us again and better.

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