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    for those whose children have cp, what do their `numbers`look like? and if you do botox, what do they look like before they recommend another round of injections?
    for example, matt is, -10/5 and -8/10 with knee bent and -27/-8 and -18/4 with leg straight and we will do botox and serial casting.
    at one point i was told any time there is a 15 pt difference, or more, between the two numbers you should intervene

    i was just wondering what others were told/did
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    I never thought about there being a certain number range to have it done. Caitlin has had botox in the past, but for us, it was always very obvious that it was needed (in her hamstrings). She wears knee immobilizers at night and I can always tell when her hams are getting bad as in the morning when I take them off, her legs will snap right up to a bend. She last had botox in the hams last April and one of her legs is getting tight again. It has always been due to growth spurts in the past and I think that is going on now as I just had to pack away all her size 7 jeans! :) Her PT did measure her recently and she commented that the one leg seemed tighter last week. We go back to the CP clinic in april so we'll see what they say then. We used to see a physiatrist here that did the botox for us but she moved to a different state (to be near her daughter) so it will be interesting. The one that moved away was the last one to do botox on Caitlin's hamstrings...wish she were still here...was nicer going down the road vs driving to the children's hospital like we will have to do now. We have always had good results with the botox in the past. Good luck!

    Lisa O.
    Lisa O: mom to Caitlin (14-CP, VA shunt, seizures), Brandon (12), Tyler (10), Logan (7) babies are all getting so old!!

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