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Thread: Should we get an iPad 2 for Grant. What do you reckon?

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    Question Should we get an iPad 2 for Grant. What do you reckon?

    Hello neuro buddies.

    We are looking at the possibility of purchasing and iPad 2 for Grant the champ.

    Grant's skills are very limited.

    He has almost 0 skills in hand movements, but of course can be helped by someone guiding his hand.

    Grant's vision is extremely erratic and much depends on what his brain is doing and if there is any underlying seizure activity occurring.

    Grant's hearing is extremely good.

    If we got any software for Grant for the iPad, the software would have to be very in your face, as in having very large graphics and simple graphics, having very clear sounds, and being extremely easy to use although of course Grant could not use the iPad 2 himself.


    What software is out there for the iPad that might be useful for Grant's use?

    Please give me links to the websites. Thank you.

    Looking forward to hearing from the iPad experts soon.

    Paul, Alison, and Grant the champ
    Grant's story in pictures and music. A must see :)
    Seeya there :)

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    Hi Paul, I think an iPad would be perfect. It has in your face graphics, the ability to manipulate graphics for better viewing and thousands of free apps that would be appropriate.

    I did find a couple of links

    There are so many apps available that to start making a list of appropriate apps would take all day. There are many children's apps that have bright colors, music, drawing, stories. There are touch apps where all you do is touch the screen to get the app to do whatever neat thing it is supposed to do.

    I have an app that turns the screen to a beautiful close up of what appears to be water in a creek bed and when you touch it the water moves like you are actually there. There are a ton of touch apps with exploding lights, coloring, music and they are basic and a lot of fun. Characters that you can make talk or fart depending on what ya want lol. When they say there's an app for that they aren't kidding.

    I have no clue if any of this helps you. I did notice that there are a lot of apps for those who cannot talk that lets them point out pictures to explain what they want.

    If you have iTunes you can open it and go to the app store and you can see the thousands of apps. Select whatever you want to look at and it will give a thorough description of that particular app.
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    There are plenty of accessible apps and features on IPAD and IPAD 2. A lot of my disabled friends have them and they use them easily even though some of them have limited movement or vision. My blind friend showed me an IPAD feature where it talks to you if you cannot see. It also has a feature where you can tell the IPAD what to do with your voice by talking into it. I'm guessing Grant doesn't talk but if someone who is with him talks into the IPAD for him it will work. I say totally get him an IPAD. THEY LOOK SO FUN! (I don't have one myself yet but I really want one!)

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    Kathleen's been using an Ipad in speech at school and it's amazing! She's loving it it's so easy to use. We're in the process of getting teh school to purchase one for her. She has a laptop from school and uses it a lot.
    Mary Grace

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