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    Default Old newbie

    Hey! I haven't been around in quite a while, but y'all helped me when I needed it most. I hope I can hang out a bit again.

    Best to all,

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    Talking wb

    Hey Linda welcome back!
    I started here in the later 90's and was absent for years too. The chat room is gone; nobody seemed to use it so......

    Nice to have you back,

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    Hey Linda, glad you made it back. Of course you can stick around, we hope you do. Welcome back!

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    )))))))Greetings All (((((((
    I hope you are well.I too have been a braintalk absentee as i spend much of my time either playing my bass guitar ; i got it last April and play daily , sitting down.
    Also facebook takes up a good bit of the time i am on the pc.
    I am Neil Kelman in there if you want to check out what iam up to.
    Never all that much.
    It is good to be back among friends.
    Just off to check my usual boards if i can find them.
    Be seeing you.

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    Hi Neil, I am an old newbie too. Now we can both find our way around again.

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