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Thread: Anyone experienced placing their son/daughter in a care facility of any kind?

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    Default Anyone experienced placing their son/daughter in a care facility of any kind?

    Hi Everyone,
    The CEO of Rotary HOme where Nick lives has asked me to help her draft a guide for parents who are looking at placing their son or daughter there. It's basically a short 'this is what to expect' type of document. Has anyone experienced this? I have ideas about handing over responsibility for care workers (the family is no longer in charge of the workers), guilt, relief (especially for families who are in crisis), worry about who will love and look after their beloved child, etc. etc.

    Balancing health and safety concerns with natural care that is fluid and spontaneous in families. Anyone want to chime in?

    Donna, Mum to Natalie (22), ablebodied, kind and beautiful and Nicholas(26), severe CP, non-verbal, tube fed, multiple surgeries, chronic pain, happy kid except when the Liverpool football club or the Ottawa Senators Hockey Team are losing!
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    Hey Donna,

    I can chime in to say that no we haven't had any experience in that area.

    But I'm sure that there will be folk around who can help.

    Best wishes for your wonderful project, which we hope will help many parents.


    Paul, Alison, and Grant the champ
    Foster parent, now medical guardian and administrator
    for Grant the champ aged 30, yes 30!

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