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Thread: Could this be a form of CPS??

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    Question Could this be a form of CPS??

    It certainly doesn't feel like the familiar burning, aching I've had for years. The pain is in the outside of both upper arms between my shoulders and my elbows. It's intermittent; I'll be pain-free for a few months and then it'll start up again and last for a couple of months. Sometimes it really hurts. I'm fed up!!


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    Hi Suse. I'm afraid I don't have any answers, but I can feel for you being in such pain. I would like to have some answers to a lot of things that have come my way lately, but can't seem to get there from here, ya know?

    I hope things get better and you do find some answers. You take care and hope to see you around more!

    my love, Jo
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