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    Default targeted blood patch, update

    Hi Guys
    Went to see neurosurgon at Frenchay last week, saw the scans from radoncisternogram, clearly shows like a bubble of fluid at T7. and MRI's the venous malformation in that area is pretty extensive.
    They are going to try a targeted patch at T7. It seems that surgery is too risky, where the leak is at T7 is surrounded by my venous malformation and if they were to operate, bleeding very risky tend to lose litres of blood very quickly, so best avoided.
    Hoping the targeted patch will work and hoping that for this one I will be knocked out. I get very nervous and shake too much before having the procedue so keeping still is very difficult. Was'nt too bad with the first bp but after a while you get this built in dread with each further procedure. If this does not work then don't think I can hack any more of all this, You also have to consider the risks of any further procedures and weigh up if you could come out worse off. And mentally have had enough. Fingers crossed this one works.
    Take care everyone and hope your own path leads you too a headache free road.

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    Hi lisalailey

    Good Luck! I hope this BP works for you.


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    I hope you get the patch soon Lisa! I am so glad they finally figured it out. And I hope you can get some sedation too. Rob had the conscious sedation for his last patch .... it was definitely much nicer to have. He (like you) had been through so much non-sedated poking.
    Hope this works!
    Mother of teen w/ lumbar Scheuerman's, L5 spondylolisthesis, repaired 8-month CSF Leak, L3-S1Fusion (2009)
    Robby's Leak Story

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