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Thread: cold weather is making my spasms cause me to hit people

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    Default cold weather is making my spasms cause me to hit people

    Ok I just need to vent here. I notice every year from December to about the end of March my body becomes super reactive to the cold. I get bad spasms in my hips which makes my nervous system go totally bonkers. My CP signal just doesn't shut up. It feels like having a bunch of scattered thoughts in my brain, except every thought is a CP related movement.

    I hit my friend in the face yesterday due to my moro reflex. My arms flinged out and I whacked him really hard in the chin. The same thing happened last year in February(not sure if I posted about it then). Every time it happens it sounds like it really hurts him. He always shakes it off really fast and says "I'm okay,I'm okay! Don't worry!" but I can tell he's in pain and it makes me feel horrible!! At least he has CP himself so he knows I'm not doing it on purpose. I just wish it didn't happen.

    Do any of you have a similar issue?
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