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Thread: VEEG w/ stimulators?

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    Default VEEG w/ stimulators?

    I'm due for a VEEG soon. Prior I was told to not use a cell phone during the VEEG because it could screw up the results.
    Currently I have to wear a bone stimulator on the broken foot for 10 hours daily & a Tens Unit on the other foot thanks to RSD. I have called the Dr.'s office to find out if these stimulators will mess the VEEG up. No reply yet, so I thought I would try it here. I know some folks have the VNS in the skull & wonder if they have to turn it off during a VEEG.
    My feet are more important @ this time, so I'm hoping I'll have to delay the VEEG.

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    I have had two eight day Veeg done and both times I had my cell phone!, no one ever informed me before, during or after that it could affect results? Sounds like the old Cell phone during a plane ride kind of thing! Don't know? It is possible it could have some merit but I would question that? just like everything people say these days!!!!

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    Hi curse,

    Welcome to the forum! Cell phones are in a frequency where it can effect the correct reading of a veeg because the cell phone will cause to much electrical activity in the brain. This could also be true with
    with your bone stimulator it all would depend on what frequency it was in. You might want to check with your Dr. to find out for sure. I wish you the best of luck and May God Bless You!


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    I've had two VEEGs at a great university hospital and a cell phone was never mentioned.

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    The first time they did my video EEG I do recall them mentioning no cell phone. I had to use the land line next to the bed. HOWEVER, Wi-Fi was allowed with my iPodTouch. I should mention I had the iPod in a waterproof case, so I wasn't directly touching the device. They also told me I could use a laptop, but it could not be on me. It had to be on the dinner tray so it would not cause interference. Headphones WERE allowed (I found that odd). I thought the speakers would cause interference.


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    Thanks every one. I did get them to check on the feet stimulators & unfortunatly, there will be no problem w/ them.
    It's been a VERY long time since I had the neuropsychology crap , so this should be interesting. Wouldn't suprise me if I started flopping w/ the hours of stress. I'm rather private & hate it when people ask me stupis questions that are not relavent

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