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Thread: Article: Study of amount of radiation from different NIR procedures

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    Default Article: Study of amount of radiation from different NIR procedures

    This study is about the amount of radiation each of us receives from neuroradiology procedures. Radiation is cumulative, so each procedure adds up.

    Please insist on a lead lined protective shield over your chest, thyroid (neck area) and abdomen when having any neuroradiology procedures.

    Patient dose during interventional neuroradiology procedures.

    J Radiol. 2011; 92(12):1101-12 (ISSN: 1773-0384)

    Kien N; Rehel JL; Etard C; Aubert B

    PURPOSE: The purpose of this multicenter study was to determine the doses received by patients during interventional neuroradiology procedures and to consider establishing reference standards.

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: A retrospective study of nine interventional neuroradiology departments was conducted. Seven diagnostic (cerebral and spinal angiography) and therapeutic (embolization and vertebroplasty) procedures were reviewed. For each procedure, three dosimetric parameters were recorded: dose-area product (DAP), fluoroscopy time, and number of images.

    RESULTS: Results showed interdepartment variations, up to four-fold for diagnostic procedures and seven-fold for therapeutic procedures. However, applying the 75th percentile method to the entire dataset, reference standards can be proposed for six types of procedures including diagnostic cerebral angiography (230 Gycm(2)), follow-up selective cerebral angiography (80 Gycm(2)), aneurysm embolization (350 Gycm(2)), AVM embolization (440 Gycm(2)). Reference standards are also proposed with regards to fluoroscopy time and number of images.

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    I will certainly ask for this, as I am to have a follow up angiogram in March !:)

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