I am new to this forum, and am still learning how things work, however, I had some questions.

A very close relative recently had a brain tumor removed. While they are recovering at a speed beyond what was expected there are some odd behaviors taking place.

My relative is spending money excessively (because it makes her happy to buy things for others was the given reason) and she is having some very large business venture ideas and starting to act on them.

While at first I took these behaviors for simply being the product of wanting to enjoy the life she had created for herself, I am now starting to wonder if this is normal. She seems fully sound, and completely competent for all intensive purposes. However, normally she would NEVER act on some of these latest ideas unless they were completely mapped out and fully sound.

My overall question to post op brain tumor survivors is, does anyone have any insight on these behaviors and/or is this something I should be worried about for my relative?

Thank you for any suggestions or help offered.