Hi Fibromites,

I figured I'd start a thread with stuff I use that seems to help, depending of course on the day, the weather, & the barometer. I'll add that I also have CFS/CFIDS.

What helped the most was seeing a sleep doc & getting diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome & then being treated for that. My entire life I'd never gotten enough deep restorative sleep because my foot/ankle wiggled around and brought me up to waking or shallow sleep. The other major healing thing I did was going to a Cranial Osteopath on a regular basis. I know there aren't many of them around the country, but if you live near one, they are definitely worth a try. The treatments are extremely gentle, basically using the weight of your own body to make adjustments.

I've been taking Lyrica 25mg x 3 per day, & I think it may be helping the bottom line pain levels. Otherwise it's Tylenol #3 w/ Codeine [1/2 tab] or Fioricet for migraines. My good friend who came down with a sudden case of CFS over 40 years ago swears that codeine is the only thing that even touches lymph node pain, & I pretty much agree. Has anyone tried Savella for FM? I just noticed that listed on a support website.

I'll join the ranks of those who favor heat over ice since I leave my full-back-sized moist heating pad on my recliner all the time. Which reminds me, keeping my feet up as much as possible is a life saver, as well as not standing still in lines or anywhere else. That must tie in with the NMH [neurally mediated hypotension] aka orthostatic intolerance. Wearing supportive shoes is also a must, & I personally favor Merrells for their Q factor & arch support. NOT wearing tight clothing is also a must.

Recently I started taking Pristiq for major depression, & the psych doc informed me that it works on increasing adrenaline levels, so maybe that will bring about some improvement. I just had blood work done & am curious about my cortisol levels, since my old friend thinks I'm in the subgroup with depleted cortisol. On the other hand, I don't want to burn out my adrenals, but maybe supplementing them will be a good thing.

In the joint pain category, I've gotten Synvist [sp] injections in my arthritic knees twice [about 18 months apart] & they did help a lot & made my joints more stable & less painful. I had no idea that I also had bursitis in my hips until I finally saw a Rheumy doc, but those cortisone shots did wonders! I'd had lower pelvic pain for years & just figured it was part of the CFS/FMS quandry, but I was wrong & there was help on the horizon.

One last thing -- if I didn't have 1/4 mg of Xanax daily, I believe I'd be on the Ten Most Wanted List. When the stress and the pain become intolerable, I may indulge in a fraction more to keep my sanity.

I'm interested to hear what others do to relieve their pain & keep on keepin' on.