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Thread: Holiday hijinks!!!

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    Default Holiday hijinks!!!

    hHoliday Hijinks -- That is what I named this article just because it seemed fitting.

    All the "Hijinks" at Holiday Time!!!
    All the various things going on. Yipes. It can be nice, but it can put extra strain
    on everyone!!

    And all sorts of various problems can appear. Along with pleasant times.
    Overeating. Visiting. Shopping. Spending too much. Entertaining. Hurt feelings
    if someone does not want to exchange cards. (OH the things we worry about!!!)Overwork and not enough sleep. This last is a recipe that leads
    to more health problems.....

    Hoping everyone here finds answers to wading through all this comfortably and learning from it all in whatever various ways there are.

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    Hi Charlene,

    I agree the Holiday Time can be hard on people in different ways, but I have learned to pick up the pieces and go on in life because there are other problems out there that are a lot harder than what some
    of us,(at least myself) have had to deal with. All of the problems I've had with my family has made me a stronger person and I just turn everything over to the Lord and I know He will see me through.
    Here's wishing You a Happy Healthy New Year and May God Bless You!


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    Hi Sue,
    Thanks so much for adding to this post.
    I enjoyed reading it and agree with it so much.
    Best Wishes for a good New Year.


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    This time of year is especially hard on those of us who don't have a spouse or children. The lack of a person to connect with, to share the holidays with, even to drive with can be overwhelming. Chronic illness is already tough enough without the added pressure to appear merry when you're not. And watching the financial pressure of TV ads to Buy More, Have More, Make It Bigger and Better is discouraging. Sorry to poop on the holiday parade but depression is swinging into gear.

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    My mother would become seriously ill every year as soon as Christmas was over. Usually within a day or two. I didn't understand until I got older and began to deal with my own mental illness that I realized how much it took a toll on her and it does me also. This year I demanded of myself to do what I needed to do to get through without stressing out too much. Lots of selftalk, a crafty hand and for the first time since 1984 I did not go out on Christmas day to visit family. They came to me, ate all the hors d'ouevres, their children destroyed the play room, and after an hour they left lol. I made some extended family gifts and we ordered almost all gifts for our boys online and saved a fortune. Not to mention the savings in gas and stress. We were happy here alone eating, playing games, watching gifted movies. Very mellow and I am recovering from a sober night of partying and games til 4 a.m. I got lucky but a lot of it had to be made or I quite frankly would be tearing my hair out.

    There is some family stuff that is going on but I try to distance myself as much as possible. I had an encounter last night but if I had acted any other way than like an adult and brought up stuff that had no business being there it would have ruined the evening for the entire crowd. We are all close and most of us have known each other for years. The evening went wonderfully...for most of us lol. There is one in every crowd who just doesn't get by starting the new year without making an arse out of themselves.

    I hope you all had a smooth as possible ride through yet another round of major holidays. Time to get back to the grind....ugh.

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