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    I was diagnosed with PD in 1999 at the age of 61. Like many I went on an emotional roller coaster for several years. I do not exaggerate when I say BTC saved my life in those years. There were people to talk with every day and night to answer questions, reassure, and share the burden of the disease. I give my thanks to those folks who constantly "manned the switchboard".

    My PD has progressed to the point where I am about to undergo DBS. I would like to get some information from DBS patients that is not filtered through Medtronics or some medical organization. Specifically my primary symptom of concern at this time is "freezing" or "sticky feet" where I am walking and suddenly my feet won't move. Can any DBS patient advise whether they had that symptom and whether it was cured by the surgery. Any other information that DBS patient can provide regarding other symptoms such as tremors, fatigue, stiffness and cramping, and the effect DBS had on same would be appreciated.

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    I pray you can get help. It has been a long while since I have been here, my hubby has PD and it is horrible.

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    Hello, My name is Donna I have had PD since 1999 and had DBS surgery in 2009. Recently I have had freezing or sticky feet. The person who programs me says there is not a lot they can do for freezing but I think if you have the surgery with that as your main problem you are likely to have better results. I sure am glad I had the surgery and I bet you will be happy with your outcome too.

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    Hi, my name is Joan. I have had PD since about 2003. It got really bad, I was having alot of tremors and dyskinesia. I had DBS surgery in 2013. The dyskinesia was gone as were all the tremors except a little in my left hand. What I still had was freezing and my balance was terrible. I must have fallen everyday for almost 6 months or more. I was fortunate I didn't hurt myself too badly with falls. It has been over a year since surgery and my falling is alot better. Despite freezing and falls, I would do it again just to get relief from dyskonisia and tremors.

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