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    Default If doctors could hear

    That's my Christmas wish, if my doctor's could hear what I am saying it would be so nice. That would be a world in which I might have a shot at actually getting some pain relief and getting some things taken care of that need to be done. They have ears, I see them on their heads but the poor things must be totally deaf because when I say this medicine you give me is not working, they say "keep taking this medicine and let's see if it will work for you". I say " I have already tried it for 6 months and my pain is increasing, I need help. I have back spasms constantly, I can't sleep, my leg burns so bad I expect to internally combust any minute". My doctor says, " oh keep taking this medicine and let's see if it will work for you", "nurse refill her same prescriptions and schedule her for 30 days".

    Oh and the MRI that they couldn't take twice because my spasms were so bad in my back. The doctor if he could only hear me would have heard me say that I am not afraid of having an MRI done, that I was laying completely still and that the movement was "inside" my body causing the film to blur. But because he cannot hear he assumed I afraid of MRI's and told me he would send me to have an MRI where I can watch TV while they do it and that will calm me down.

    Oh if my doctor could only hear. I sure hope my Christmas wish comes true.....ears that are open for my doc.
    I give up, Annie K
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    You need a new doctor! Unfortunately so do I (I've been looking for a year...having a hard time getting appointments, and when I do, they don't have any ideas for me) and lots of others in CP. Assuming you have options in your area, go interview other doctors while keeping your visits and refill schedule. If you find one who has a better plan, let your current doctor know you will be seeing another one (stopping your pain contract if you have one) and see the new doctor for the meds that month.

    I'm wary to switch as the best idea they've had for me so far to get my pain under control is to completely taper off my Methadone and taper up on something else...likely not letting me reach the equivalent of what I'm on now (what isn't working), when I've proven I'm staying on the Methadone as equivalence wise it seems on everything else I need a much higher dose. Thats doubly ridiculous. Frustrating. I'll take whatever I can get, which at this point is still something. It could always be worse. Best wishes.
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    Greetings AnnieK!
    My son used to live in Cairo, GA, been there myself, beautiful place. Don't give up! The best advice is get another doctor. It took me two years to find a good one, I went through lots of different drugs, physical therapy, MRI's and other crap. I finally found the Laser Spine Institute in 2009 and had laser surgery best thing I ever did. I had pain for 14 years before that. You can send them any test results you have and talk to them by phone or go to one of the seminars they sponsor. Their site is
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    AnnieK, they are right, it is time to find a new doctor. As Kate points out that isn't always easy to do though. On the other hand, if you don't start looking you will be with this guy next year wishing he would listen to you. Good luck in your search and Kate I hope you find a new doctor soon too.
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